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The Little Explorers Team

Abigail Correa


With a history working at various centers in the metro area, Rocio, felt there had to be a better way. She imagined starting a home care center that would be small and could remain small. The need for affordable, quality care was too great. She felt she had the opportunity to meet a real and great need of many families around her. Thus began the process of starting Little Explorers Child Development Center.

Liliana Lerma

Lead Teacher

She has been working in child care for almost three years. Her goal is to teach kids how to crawl, walk and do many more things according. As a staff member she is a leader and role model amongst the children. 

Merari Quirarte

Lead Teacher 

Merari works with three and four year olds. She started as an assistant teacher in the state of North Dakota where she realized how much she loved her job. She wakes up every day excited to go to work and work with children. Merari is a valuable asset to Little Explorers as she does her job with the kindest of heart. 


Sonia doesn’t just cook, she projects good vibes. She is loved by all the children. Her nick name, thanks to the children, is Papa! (Baby word for Food!) Her smile and laugh brighten up the room that she is in. Her heart of gold brings out the best in everyone that comes across her. Her love for the children goes beyond the kitchen.

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